Today, tuition in Ludhiana is a necessity. 90% of our local student`s population today have some form of tuition either group tuition or home tuition.


Does Tuition Really Helps my child?

From our experience through interactions with parents and getting student feedbacks about tutors, many parents are satisfied with the results of tuition. More than 70% of these parents observed an improvement in their children school work and exam results, usually within a time frame of 3-6 months.


Getting a tuition teacher/private tutor/home tutor has the following advantages:

  • A home tutor can impart knowledge that may not be taught in sufficient details in school.
  • A home tutor can go through materials that your child is too embarrassed to ask in school.
  • A home tutor can customize his teaching to specific weak areas of every individual student which a school teacher is unable to do.
  • A home tutor can share smart exam tips, topics to focus on and techniques on how to remember certain formulas.


Tuition Centre or Home Tuition

As a parent, after you make up your mind that it is time to get tutoring help for your beloved child, the next question to ask is whether to go for Tuition Centre or Home Tuition.


Home Tuition

The main advantage of Home Tuition is one-to-one attention. With one-to-one home tutor to student ratio, the tutor will be better able to focus on the specific weakness of your child and the difficulties the child meets within school. Home tuition also savestravelling time for the parent and student as the venue for home tuition is at the student’s residential home. Schedules changes are also more flexible.

However, the fees for home tuition typically cost more than Tuition Centre classes.


Tuition Centre

Tuition Centre teaching is in between home tuition and school-classroom teaching. Tuition Centres typically have 4 to 40 students per tutor. Depending on the Tuition Centre, some Tuition Centre may provide a customized set of materials and have their own teaching techniques. These special materials and teaching techniques are the main attraction point for good Tuition Centre. Conducting lessons in a group, Tuition Centre may also encourage students to practice their socialization skills by interacting more with other students. However, parent and student may find it a hassle as it takes time travelling to the Tuition Centre.

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